About the Artist ..

A working fine art film photographer since 1982, Mark Strachan creates and collects beautiful photographs. 

His personal collection contains works by many renowned image-makers including Lewis Carroll, Richard Avedon, Arnold Newman and Annie Leibovitz to name a few.

Subjects range from still life, landscapes and street scenes to celebrity and portrait works.

Mentored and trained by the late Peter van der Veer over 30 years ago, Mark has finally take the time this year to catalogue and offer many of his images for you to enjoy in your own home.

The idea of strachan ART came to Mark during a time where he was unable to travel. Being an active traveller within closed borders, he wanted to create a similar wanderlust experience for others through the sentiment of expertly crafted black and white printed art pieces. Every piece will take you on a journey to one of 25 countries from all corners of the globe.

Let these amazing artworks printed and framed in the heart of Geelong, transport you to the places you love the most.